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Our patients are the heart of everything we do and we want to hear about your experience here at Clara Barton Medical Center! Whether you had an extraordinary doctor who saved your life, a nurse who went the extra mile, or a staff member who brought a smile to your face, we can’t wait to hear your story! Sharing your stories inspires us and helps us to get better at what we do!

Advice can be obtained by calling any Clara Barton clinic during business hours, by use of the patient portal, or by calling the hospital at 620-653-2114 after business hours.

Clara Barton Medical Center

250 W. 9th St. | Hoisington, Kansas | 620-653-2114

Clara Barton Medical Clinic

252 W. 9th St. | Suite A | Hoisington, Kansas | 620-653-2386

Clara Barton Medical Clinic-Great Bend

906 McKinley | Great Bend, Kansas | 620-793-6990

Clara Barton Surgical Clinic

252 W. 9th St. | Suite B Hoisington, Kansas | 620-653-4191

Clara Barton Medical Clinic - Russell

410 N. Main St. | Russell, Kansas | 785-483-3811

Clara Barton Hospital Foundation

PO Box 25 | Hoisington, Kansas | 620-653-5012