Legacy Gifts

Gifts come in many sizes, shapes and forms, but the most meaningful of gifts cannot be measured by physical attributes. Instead, they are measured by the profound impact they leave on those around them. These meaningful gifts can be used to benefit a single individual or serve an entire community. While two women from the Hoisington community prepared their end-of-life wishes, they decided to leave a lasting legacy that would support their community for many years to come. These women left their mark on Clara Barton Hospital through an estate gift; each impacting how radiology services were delivered in their own time.

​The first of the two woman to help advance healthcare here at Clara Barton Hospital was Mrs. Enola Snodgrass Logan. Her estate gift, gifted in 2005, was a catalyst for the hospital to purchase a new mammography machine for the radiology department. This addition allowed us to be one of the first in our service area to offer digital mammography services.

Fast forward to 2018, when another generous, community-minded women, Mrs. Ethel Williamson Glass chose to remember Clara Barton Hospital in her estate plan. Mrs. Glass was a long-time member of the Hoisington community and was committed to the fight against cancer. She was a humble woman that dedicated her life to the church and serving others. Her love and support for her family empowered her to create an estate gift in memory of her sister; Anna R. Butler, and late husbands; Milby V. Williamson and Andrew J. Glass.

Legacy Gifts clara barton hospital clinic

Mrs. Glass’s generous estate gift has given our hospital the opportunity to take on a large capital investment, allowing for the enhancement our mammography services to include 3D Mammography.

“Words can’t describe how grateful we are for the community’s support and what these estate gifts mean to us,” said Michelle Moshier, Clara Barton Hospital Foundation Director. “They have been timely and instrumental in our ability to offer the latest technology for radiology imaging at Clara Barton.”

3D mammography has proven to be superior to the standard mammogram, providing a high resolution image. It contains features allowing for better comfort, peace of mind, and an improved quality of life for those living with cancer.

“The addition of 3D mammography to our radiology department is exciting because not only can this technology detect more cancers at an earlier stage, it can also increase the patient’s chance of survival.  This equipment requires a significant investment, but if it can help us save even one life, it will be worth every penny,” said Betty Evers, Director of Radiology. “It is truly humbling to know that members of the community find our mission a priority and have it in their hearts to remember us in their will. You can’t put a value on saving someone’s life and we are grateful for all the support we receive.”

“All gifts, no matter the size, make a real difference in helping us provide the best possible care,” said Moshier. “As Mrs. Glass and the Logan’s have shown, leaving a percentage of your estate, after you have provided for friends and family, can have a lasting impact on the future care at Clara Barton.”

Leaving a gift in your will to Clara Barton Hospital Foundation is a thoughtful way to acknowledge the treatment or care that you or a loved one may have received. Making arrangements to leave an estate gift is simple and can truly impact the lives of others. Your gift will fund efforts to update Clara Barton facilities, medical equipment, or any project of your choosing.

Both Mrs. Ethel Williamson Glass and Mrs. Enola Snodgrass Logan created their legacies by providing for their local hometown hospital in their estate plan. What will your legacy be?