Kyle Renner, MD

Family Practice

“Always feel empowered to ask if you don’t understand what was talked about in our visit or have further questions. Communication is key in any physician-patient relationship.”


Office Location

Clara Barton Medical Clinic

252 W 9th St.

Hoisington, KS




Visiting Location

Clara Barton Medical Clinic – Great Bend

906 McKinley

Great Bend, KS

Affiliated with Clara Barton since
• 2020

• Pittsburg State University – Bachelor of Science & Minors in Chemistry and Physical Science
• Medical School – University of Kansas School of Medicine in Wichita

• Family Medicine Residency of Idaho in Boise

• Garden Plain, Kansas

Why I came to the Hoisington/Central Kansas area
• My wife and I are both from small towns in Kansas, and we knew we eventually wanted to move back to Kansas after completing residency in Boise, Idaho. We were looking for a place that was similar to where we grew up, in a rural Kansas town with great schools, great sports, and community involvement. I also wanted the ability to practice not only in the clinic, but also in a hospital/ER setting. When we interviewed at Clara Barton, we knew we had found the right spot.

What I enjoy most about this area
• The people are by far my favorite part of the rural/central Kansas area. In addition, my wife and I will be spending a lot of time in/near Cheyenne Bottoms during the winter, Wilson Lake and the golf courses in the summer, and in Kansas City for Chiefs games in our schedule permits.

About my family
• I have been married to my wife, Jami, for three years. We have one daughter, Elsie, who loves to cause trouble. My dog, Goose, is my hunting buddy and our other dog, Coach, is Elsie’s best friend.

• I will watch any sport with a ball. I am an avid waterfowl and big game hunter. I enjoy going to the lake during the summer and watching the Chiefs in the fall and winter.

Most rewarding part about being a provider
• The relationships I get to make with patients and their families is what drove me to family medicine. This is a unique aspect of family medicine that makes my job extremely enjoyable.