Advanced CT Imaging Available at Clara Barton Medical Center

Clara Barton Medical Center recently upgraded their CT scanner to a new 128-slice scanner which will provide shorter scan times, improved image quality, and a lower radiation dose.

Clara Barton Medical Center is currently undergoing an extensive renovation, updating and expanding various parts of the hospital. One major component of this project involves relocating the imaging wing to provide additional space and the opportunity to upgrade radiologic medical equipment. A new 128-slice CT scanner was one of the upgrades recently purchased to provide shorter scan times, improved image quality, and a lower radiation dose.

“Our exams are more consistent with this new CT, as we are now getting better images with a shorter scan time,” said Betty Evers, Radiology Director. “Upgrading from a 16-slice to a 128-slice scanner has greatly increased image quality and allows for a much more comfortable patient experience since our patients don’t have to hold their breath near as long.”

The addition of the new, tablet-based CT scanners from Siemens Healthineers, called SOMATOM® go.Top, enables Clara Barton to support routine, advanced CT procedures and enhances diagnostic accuracy by providing additional diagnostic information to patients and their physicians.

Technologists operate the CT system with a touch-screen tablet and remote control, keeping patients close during exam preparation. This can improve the patient experience, particularly for children and patients who have mobility challenges and need additional support.

In addition, this CT features automated technology that takes the guesswork out of selecting the optimal radiation dose for diverse patient populations. It’s also equipped with Siemens latest exclusive technologies for optimizing radiation dose, such as Tin Filter Technology. Together, these can reduce unnecessary radiation for a wide range of routine procedures.

“The new CT scanner at Clara Barton will help reduce radiation dose, speed up scan times and provide enhanced clarity of the exam, making my job as a radiologist easier,” said Dr. Curt Thompson, Radiologist. “However, one key factor that often goes unmentioned, is that the quality of our results coincides with the quality of our technologists. Just because you have the newest technology doesn’t mean you are going to have the best images, as it greatly depends upon who is running the equipment and their ability to adequately use the machine. When I look at exams from the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic, their images aren’t any better than what I see from Clara Barton and that tells me that we have some of the best technologist in the area.”

Having top-notch technologists coupled with patient-centric technology that optimally adapts to each patient, Clara Barton’s CT scanner delivers consistent, reliable results in all aspects of hospital imaging. This includes the most advanced fields such as Cardiac Calcium Scoring, low-dose pediatric scanning, low-dose lung cancer screening, and CT-guided minimally invasive interventional procedures.

Although the new CT scanner is currently installed in the existing radiology department at Clara Barton. Once the new imaging suite is completed – around July 2022 – the CT will be moved to the new imaging wing.

“Along with the benefits of the new CT scanner, we are beyond excited to move into our new imaging area which will provide us with much needed space,” said Evers. “This will allow for the installation of a 3D camera that will allow us to better center our patients in our CT machine, which in turn ensures that we are using the lowest radiation dose possible while preforming an accurate scan.”

Physicians who rely on CT images from Clara Barton for clinical decision-making can now have the highest level of clinical confidence in their diagnoses. As the Radiology Department undergoes various updates, patients can look forward to experiencing new levels of comfort, confidence, and peace of mind.

“It is remarkable to witness how far technology has come over time” says Jim Blackwell, CEO/President of Clara Barton Medical Center. “It’s exciting to invest in this upgrade because it takes us from a 16 slice to a 128 slice CT scanner which provides better imaging as well as enhanced patient safety and increased comfort. These impressive new features have been a win-win for both our radiology team and our patients.”

More exciting updates will be provided as construction progresses.

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