Clara Barton Hospital’s Diabetes Education Program Receives Accreditation from AADE

In efforts to offer more services in one convenient location and better the health of the community, Clara Barton Hospital founded a diabetes education program in the fall of 2018. The program, called “Defeating Diabetes”, aims to empower participants with the self-care management skills necessary to improve their quality of life using disease management strategies. After a rigorous, comprehensive review ensuring that specific guidelines and requirements have been met, Clara Barton Hospital is pleased to announce that “Defeating Diabetes” has received national accreditation from the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

Diabetes education is a critical element in the treatment of all individuals with diabetes, no matter the age. These services are customized to each patient based off their specific needs and concerns, allowing them to take control of their health.

​“We chose to name the program ‘Defeating Diabetes’ because our program helps our patients to be in control of their diabetes instead of letting their diabetes control them,” said Kelly Heuer, RN, BSN, CDCES. “Although this disease isn’t one that will just go away, being in control of your diabetes, even thriving with diabetes, is a way of defeating it.”

​In order to qualify for accreditation, there are 10 national standards put in place by the AADE that need to be met, ensuring that programs are utilizing current research and methods for diabetes education and support. A variety of documentation must be submitted to prove that these standards have been implemented within the program and one patient must go through the entire program to be evaluated by the AADE.

​Before receiving accreditation, Hays was the only accredited Diabetes Education program within an hour of Barton county. In addition, there is also another benefit to offering diabetes education in the Hoisington community.

​“Receiving accreditation for our program means that more of our diabetes education hours are now reimbursable through Medicare,” said Kirsten Angell, RD, LD, CDCES. “This really opens the door for our patients to be able to receive the treatment and education they need.”

​There are many factors for someone living with diabetes to consider, including healthy eating, being active, regular monitoring, and taking medication. This program is designed to assist patients by developing an individualized wellness plan and strategies to help achieve diabetes related goals. It’s imperative that those living with diabetes have the tools needed to reduce risks and complications and the skills needed to problem-solve and cope in a healthy manner.

​Patients with diabetes that can benefit from the Diabetes Education Program are those that are newly diagnosed, have never had diabetes education, or have gone several years since consulting with a Diabetes Educator. Family members are encouraged to attend the appointments so they too can become knowledgeable about the disease and what actions need to be taken if a life-threatening diabetes emergency were to arise.

​“We are excited to offer this program to the members of this great community,” said Jane Schepmann, Chief Nursing Officer. “Diabetes can be a very challenging health condition for patients and their families to manage and our staff is positioned to guide them in the development of a plan that fits their lifestyle and the skills to address the daily challenges of their disease.”

​Diabetes Education is available at all three Clara Barton locations in Hoisington, Great Bend and Russell. Appointments are available Monday through Friday at Clara Barton Hospital in Hoisington, on Friday mornings at Russell Family Medical Care, and Wednesday mornings at Clara Barton Medical Clinic in Great Bend.

​To schedule an appointment or for more information about how these services could benefit you, CLICK HERE!

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