Gifts from the Heart Continue to Leave a Lasting Legacy

A tradition that began 10 years ago has proven to be an ongoing legacy of true dedication to Clara Barton Medical Center. The Gift from the Heart appeal began in honor of Janet Hipp, a longtime employee of the hospital and avid supporter of the foundation. At benefit auctions, hovering between tables and bidding up items was one of the many ways she enjoyed supporting the Clara Barton organization. When Janet was no longer able to attend the 20th Annual Benefit, those closest to her wanted to create a way she could continue to give back – even in her absence – and the Gift from the Heart was born.

The Gift from the Heart appeal allows auction bidders to give from their hearts and help fund medical equipment/projects that keep Clara Barton providing the highest quality care. Over the last decade, donors have provided funding for a surgery recovery monitor, a stress test machine, the Nanosphere, pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers for each of the three Clara Barton clinics, a transport chair for ER, a sleeper recliner bed for patient family members, a centrifuge machine for the lab, pharmacy renovations, bringing MRI in-house, and more.

“It’s amazing to watch community-minded individuals gathered at the event go from bidding against each other to working together and raising such a substantial amount in just a matter of minutes,” said Michelle Moshier, Clara Barton Foundation Director. “Funds raised during the Gift from the Heart appeal have had a significant impact on patient care at Clara Barton Medical Center over the past ten years in several different departments. Thanks to this special donation appeal there are funds available every year to finance the greatest need, keeping equipment and facilities up to date.”

At the benefit event, speaking on behalf of this year’s Gift from the Heart appeal were nurses Stacey Vincent, RN, and Rana Ingram, RN, with a combined 41 years of experience – almost as long as Janet’s 43-year career as an RN. They explained how donations to this project will help replace Clara Barton Medical Center’s current patient telemetry monitoring system.

A patient telemetry monitoring system is an important tool for examining heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, breathing rate, and oxygen levels. It’s a non-invasive system that has the capability to detect problematic cardiac rhythms through a series of sensors that sound an alarm when an issue is detected. In addition, central monitoring allows nurses and providers access to real-time data, making it one of the first lines of defense in providing appropriate care in a critical situation.

“Mindray telemetry system will enable seamless monitoring of patients across the facility, which in turn will allow our medical professionals to detect a patient’s changing condition faster,” said Amanda Hoffman, Interim CEO/Pharmacy Director. “In addition, with the integration into our electronic health record clinicians will have immediate access to patient vitals.”

After hearing the details of this year’s project, the Gift from the Heart appeal kicked off with a $10,000 donation in memory of Bill Miller from William J. Investments and Miller’s of Claflin, in appreciation for all that Clara Barton Medical Center did for Bill and continues to do for the community. Thanks to their generosity, this appeal went on to raise an inspiring, record-breaking total of $25,000. Since 2013, the first year Janet was absent, this appeal has raised a grand total of over $84,000.

“The results of this year’s Gift from the Heart and the impact it has had over the years is truly phenomenal,” said Janet’s sister, Linda McFarlane. “This appeal is such a great idea because she loved her work and everybody at Clara Barton so much, it was always so important to her. She always gave from the heart and encouraged others to do the same. You’ll never have another auction without her there in spirit.”

For a life as inspiring as Janet’s, McFarlane recently published and released a book titled “Silver Linings” which chronicles her health journey after a bone marrow transplant. In McFarlane’s words, Janet always claimed that Clara Barton Hospital was her saving refuge after the loss of her husband. She cared deeply about the patients and the hospital fundraising auction became her passion.

“Janet always wanted the best for her patients and staff,” said Moshier. “As Chief Nursing Officer through 2008, she worked hard to bring advanced equipment to Clara Barton and the continuation of Janet’s dream is relived each year through this Gift from the Heart appeal. Those who donate to this special appeal year after year are part of an amazing legacy of care, demonstrating their own profound sense of care for the community, just like Janet did as a nurse for so many years.”

With the equipment costing over $300,000, replacing the current patient telemetry monitoring system is a project the foundation and Clara Barton Medical Center will be working on throughout the year. This facility-wide project will first see advancements coming online to pre-op and post-op surgery areas, with ER outpatient services and inpatient hospital rooms to follow.

If you’d like to support the foundation and help bring this advanced patient monitoring system needed to continue providing exceptional patient care at Clara Barton Medical Center, you can donate online at, or by mail to PO Box 25, Hoisington, KS 67544.

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