Dr. PJ Stiles Completes 1,000th Robotic Surgery Procedure

Dr. PJ Stiles, a distinguished general surgeon at Clara Barton Medical Center in Hoisington, Kansas, recently marked a significant career milestone by successfully completing his 1,000th robotic surgery. Specializing in various surgical procedures, Dr. Stiles utilizes the state-of-the-art da Vinci Xi robot at CBMC.

“We are so proud of Dr. Stiles for achieving this extraordinary milestone,” said Clara Barton President/CEO Jay Tusten. “His unwavering dedication to our patients and commitment to excellence in healthcare truly set him apart.”

Clara Barton Medical Center introduced the da Vinci Xi Surgical Robotic System in October 2019, solidifying its position as a pioneer in advanced medical technology. The da Vinci Xi, a cutting-edge robotic tool embraced by surgeons nationwide, empowers them to perform a diverse range of procedures with unparalleled precision. The technology facilitates surgeries through a few very small incisions, promoting quicker healing and minimizing scarring.

Additionally, the robot enhances the surgeon’s visual acuity and provides a clearer image of the surgical site using a high-definition, 3D camera. This camera allows the surgeon to zoom in and magnify tiny nerves and blood vessels, offering greater visualization of the patient’s anatomy. The robot also provides greater dexterity and comfort for the surgeon.

“The only reason I made it to the 1,000 mark is because of my incredible team,” said Dr. Stiles. “We have great admin who took the leap to bring the robotic system to our rural facility, an extremely supportive community, Dr. Howes who spent countless hours training me on the da Vinci system and an awesome team of talented and dedicated nurses, anesthesia providers, and surgical staff who are the reason I was able to reach this milestone. This wouldn’t have been possible without them.”

In addition to Dr. Stiles’ recent milestone, just a few months ago, another esteemed surgeon at CBMC, Dr. Jeremy Howes, celebrated the incredible achievement of completing 2000 robotic surgeries. Dr. Howes played a pivotal role in the addition of the da Vinci Xi at Clara Barton, as he also uses the robot to perform surgical procedures in Wichita. Howes’ deep passion for providing top-notch care to those in the Central Kansas area was the driving force behind advocating for the integration of this cutting-edge technology at Clara Barton.

“With three exceptional surgeons on our staff, including Dr. PJ Stiles, Dr. Jeremy Howes, and Dr. Roxanne Stiles, Clara Barton Medical Center stands as a beacon of excellence in healthcare,” said Tusten. “Their incredible expertise, coupled with the innovative capabilities of the da Vinci Xi, ensures that our patients receive the best possible care right here at home.”

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